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After I regularly consume this 65FruitieFibre Distribution® Probiotics fiber product daily, till date I have effectively lose my weight around 7 kg! My blood sugar level reduced to a healthy range too. Highly Recommended!

Mr Jason, 1 Aug 2016

So far 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics is going well for me. It does clear out my skin breakout issue. I stopped having massive breakouts and of course I no longer have constipation. I’m glad I came across this product. I used to pile up foundation to cover things up on my face, now I don’t put anything on my face and my skin actually looks normal. I used to buy many facial products to fix the breakout problem and none of them worked until I came across 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics. Very impressed. Will definitely repurchase. Thank you so much for the  excellent service!

Ms Nora Faiqa, 18 Dec 2016

Before having 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics, I always felt bloated, not much appetite and had trouble going to toilet. I tried different type / brand of detox supplements before but the results won’t last after 1 box. Chance upon 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics and decided to give it a try. It reduced my bloatedness, surprisingly increased my appetite and it definitely ease my constipation (from 3 – 4 days to 3 – 4 times per day). Even though I didn’t lose any weight, I did maintain my current weight while having more meals and late night supper. It is definitely affordable and effective as compared to those on shelf products which cost much more and less effective.

Ms Cecelia Seah, 3 Jan 2017

I’m 44 years old now and I suffered from severe constipation for many years. After taking doctor medicine does not solve my constipation problems. I ever hospitalized before from severe constipation. Thanks to 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics supplement. As for now, I no longer have constipation and fully recovered from servere constipation. I then introduced this product to my friend who is 66 years old. He suffered from severe constipation too for more than 40 years. After taking 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics for less than a month, his constipation problem resolved. My friend and I are indeed very grateful and thankful for this amazing product

Ms Grace Lee, 5 Jan 2017

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